Men’s Top Nail Spa & Grooming Salon

Are you searching for a peaceful place to get a pedicure or manicure without the cramped stations, judgmental eyes of women checking you out or the busy chatter? The Cave on Melrose has been the grooming club of choice for men in Beverly Hills.  Our spa is tailored specifically for men with our primary mission being making men feel comfortable as they get hand and foot treatments. Our men’s nail salon is everything you have been searching for and more.

Our top priority has always been your comfort. Our spa has high ceilings and large leather chairs. We also provide you with noise canceling headphones which allow you to relax in the comfort of your own thoughts or listen to your music of choice as you get your foot and hand treatments. You never have to worry about bright lights blinding your eyes or the stuffy air of a cramped space. Our mission at The Cave on Melrose is to provide you with a serene salon that caters to all your needs while making you feel right at home.

Our spa doesn’t just offer pedicure for guys. We offer a wide range of treatments to leave you fully rejuvenated. Whether you are interested in hand treatments or facial treatments you will be spoilt for choice. We tailor our treatments to you so that you get the most benefits. We have the treatment you need. Contact us today to learn more.

Our services include:


Come to The Cave on Melrose in Beverly Hills to experience the world of refreshing and rejuvenating treatments. Book an appointment now and change your spa experience forever.